Event ID 1135 Failover Cluster Manager Windows Server

Event ID 1135 Failover Cluster Manager Windows Server


Cluster node was removed from the active failover cluster membership. The Cluster service on this node may have stopped. This could also be due to the node having lost communication with other active nodes in the failover cluster. Run the Validate a Configuration wizard to check your network configuration. If the condition persists, check for hardware or software errors related to the network adapters on this node. Also check for failures in any other network components to which the node is connected such as hubs, switches, or bridges.

The main issue is that the clustered nodes are getting disconnected and then connecting to the cluster automatically, the VMs/any service on this cluster also reboots during this time.This happens for all the nodes of the cluster at same point of time.The event ID 1135 is generated for all the nodes. In addition to 1135, we also noticed event ID 1177 (related to Cluster service shutting down)

Event ID 1135 Failover Cluster Manager Windows Server


1- Whether check ToR switches/Chassis switch have the problem so replaced either ToR switches/Chassis.

2- Kindly configured Heartbeat and Management traffic to flow through different ToR switches. This change applies to the nodes of both the chassis.







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