PowerShell script to remote multiple remote servers

PowerShell script to remote multiple remote servers

You can use below command to take remote multiple remote servers at a time.It is very useful command for window administrator with out any paid tool.

First execute 1 step then after 2 step

1 step:-

set-executionpolicy remotesigned

function Connect-RDP {

param (


# take each computername and process it individually
$ComputerName | ForEach-Object {

# if the user has submitted a credential, store it
# safely using cmdkey.exe for the given connection
if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey(‘Credential’))
# extract username and password from credential
$User = $Credential.UserName
$Password = $Credential.GetNetworkCredential().Password

# save information using cmdkey.exe
cmdkey.exe /generic:$_ /user:$User /pass:$Password

# initiate the RDP connection
# connection will automatically use cached credentials
# if there are no cached credentials, you will have to log on
# manually, so on first use, make sure you use -Credential to submit
# logon credential

mstsc.exe /v $_ /f



2 step:-


Connect-RDP server IP, Credential Administrator

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